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Robert W. Ingram, Attorney at Law
Rob served in the United States Army for 8 years. During this time he became a medic and nurse. Rob then attended the University of Wyoming and received a degree in Psychology. He became involved in psychology and law research, specifically looking at juries and how they work.  Rob then went to the University of Wyoming Law School. He argued his first case in front of the Wyoming Supreme Court while in his third year of law school. During this time he was the Director of the Prosecution clinic and worked with the City of Laramie prosecutors office. He found that his passion was in criminal defense and that his background provided him a unique perspective on physical evidence, injuries, violent/sex crimes. He also has an understanding on drugs and their interactions from a medical and legal view. 

Rob believes that being a criminal defense attorney and representing his clients in need of help when charged with any type of crime, traffic citation to felony is calling and not a job

Rob's life time of varied experiences have cumulated in a compassionate yet aggressive attorney with unique experiences and understandings all designed to represent his clients. 

Rob has been married for over 20 years and is a dedicated husband and father. Rob loves to go to his kids' various sporting and school events. Rob was born and raised in Pennsylvania until he joined the military at the age of seventeen. He was stationed in New Jersey, Texas, Alabama, and Japan.

He is also a professor who teaches in the areas of health care, law, and civil rights.