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Don't do Yourself an Injustice!

- You have the right to remain silent...use it!
- Always ask for your attorney first!
- Law Enforcement wants your convict you easier!

Criminal Defense Attorney
Our mission is to fight for and protect the rights of our clients. We believe that our clients deserve the best representation that we can provide. As such, we limit the amount of cases that we take so that each of our clients receives our maximum attention to resolve their matter. We use all of our experiences and resources to achieve our mission and work for our clients. 
Drug crimes
When charged with a drug crime, either a felony or misdemeanor, you want an attorney who has an understanding of the law and its application to your matter. Our office believes that our knowledge, understanding and experience provides a level of competence that best serves your interest. Drug crimes are very serious and can have implications from federal financial aid to employment. These matters typically involve 4th amendment search and seizure issues that must be addressed. We take these issues just as serious as you do. 
The impact of a DUI is no small matter. A conviction could lead to a loss of present or future employment. As well as, incarceration and loss of the ability to operate your vehicle just to name a few. Our office has the education, training and experience to aggressively address issues involving a criminal charge of this matter. We understand the standard field sobriety maneuvers. We investigate the probable cause for the stop. We look at the breath/blood/urine test as administered and results. We aggressively represent you. 
Felony attorney
Felony charges can become complex criminal litigation, but often times you need representation long before charges are even filed. Our office will be by your side every step of the way. You need a criminal defense attorney who will work hard to ensure that you are protected and in some instances even prevent charges from being filed. We believe that your defense should begin when law enforcement begins their investigation. 

Law Enforcement Is looking for your help. 

They want you to cooperate  in your conviction. They want your assistance in getting you charged. You have the right to remain silent...use it! Criminal defense attorneys are here to protect you. If you are concerned that you may need an attorney you probably do. Don't do yourself an an attorney.